World Peace Caravan

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An Experience of a Lifetime:

Join thousands of people from all over the world who are coming together in an extraordinary expression of world peace. This amazing experience includes cultural, historical, educational and entertainment events that will be sure to create memories that last a lifetime. The caravan begins March 26, 2014 in Petra, Jordan and ends several days later in Jerusalem. Join us for part or all of the journey!

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This caravan is symbolic of the peace offering Queen Sheba took to King Solomon of Frankincense, Myrrh, and the Balm of Gilead. The caravan will start in Petra, Jordan, the ancient crossroads of international commerce and travel, and end in Jerusalem. Keeping in the tradition of Queen Sheba’s trek, the caravan will transport the three ancient gifts, and Frankincense resin will be burned 24/7, from the beginning to the end of the journey.

People are welcomed to join the caravan and ride a camel, donkey, mule, horse, or walk. They can spend anywhere from one hour a day, all day, a portion of the journey, or the entire distance with the caravan. At times, the caravan will follow some of the ancient Frankincense trail. People from every ethnic culture will have the opportunity to walk or ride side-by-side, camping together at night, eating as a group, and watching the children play together. They will help load the packs, saddle the animals, lead the camels, unpack at night, and generally support one another through the rain and sand storms of life. There will be the opportunity to volunteer to help set up camp at night and prepare food for the caravan, including lunches and dinners, and breakfast for the next day’s journey.

There will be buses following the caravan when it is on the road. During the intervals when the caravan is on the old trail, there will be pick up and drop off points for those who wish to walk part of the way. The caravan will travel eight to nine hours per day, depending on camp locations and weather conditions. We expect the caravan will travel at approx. three to four miles per hour.

There will be portable toilets and showers, and water and feed trucks for the animals. There will be support teams for which you can volunteer, including:

  1. Animal  First Aid
  2. Camp set-up (Including toilets and showers)
  3. Cooks and food preparation
  4. Transportation and logistics
  5. Office personnel (Debriefing, scheduling, communications between the media and the caravan, etc.)
  6. Medical and first aid (including doctors, therapists, and nurses)
  7. Security officers
  8. Operations and interpreters
 Each night around the campfire, there will be educational classes, including:
  1. Natural medicine of ancient times
  2. Religious and cultural studies (understanding our new friends)
  3. Cultural entertainment, including dancing and music
  4. “How To” classes, like how to pack a camel, donkey, horse, or mule

The Caravan Journey | in-depth details

1). 12 day journey, beginning in Petra, Jordan, the ancient crossroads of international commerce and travel, ending in Jerusalem.

  • The Journey begins March 27, 2014
  • Everyone will receive a registration packet and have their debriefing with security. The packet for donors will include membership pins and an ID number, along with a trail map showing the camp locations, water bottle, burka, an oil kit, back pack, and special pillow made by YL. Everyone must provide their own sleeping bag.
  • The security team will set up an x-ray and screening system for everyone coming to the caravan as they come for breakfast on the morning of departure. Breakfast will be served from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., with the caravan departing at 8 a.m. sharp.

2). The day before the caravan departs will be a full day of festivities and food. The security team will set up an x-ray and screening system for everyone coming to the Wednesday event to make sure no one brings guns or knives to the caravan. At the start of the caravan, there will be a welcome presentation, along with a presentation outlining the caravan route and camp sites. This celebration will include:

  • Welcome speech
  • Musical performance
  • Gary Young will present the caravan route and camp sites, and thank the media for their broadcasting and attendance
  • Omar, the tour operator, will address the people about the rules of the camp and proper treatment of the animals
  • A Muslim priest will offer an Arabic prayer for the caravan. In addition, prayers will be offered by a Jewish rabbi in Hebrew, a Christian leader in English, a Buddhist leader (Dr. Ito), and a Hindu leader. Each prayer will be followed with a sacred song and the anointing of frankincense to all who participate and are in attendance on this day (Isaiah 10:27). Everyone will wear a peace banner, or a shirt and hat illustrating the cause.
  • The day will continue with presentations and a children’s musical program.

3). The World Health and Peace conference will be held from April 5-7th at The King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center along the Dead Sea in Jordan.


1). Registration will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants must mark the box corresponding to camel, donkey, or horse, if desired, including the total number of days.

2). The caravan will be on the Jordan side for thirteen days. There will be buses from the Amman, Jordan, airport that will provide shuttle service to Petra, on March 27. There will also be a shuttle service once a day from Amman to the caravan location, and back. The Amman airport is 120 miles from Petra. There is a four lane freeway for the first 90 miles. After you turn off highway 65, it is a two lane highway.

3). The bus schedule will be posted on the website, including a pick-up and drop-off schedule to and from the various camp sites. The website will show updates four times a day to illustrate the location and progress of the caravan.

4). Once the trail and all permits are in place, a map will be posted including the camp site locations. If someone can only join the caravan on certain days, they must mark the days and the camp site.

5). Anyone joining the caravan after its initial departure will have to go through the office in Petra for a debriefing, and then the shuttle will take those individuals out to join the caravan. Debriefing and registration must be done between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the Petra office.

6). Be prepared to board the bus at the announced departure time as the bus will not wait one minute past the scheduled departure time. Times will be posted and given at the debriefing, and those joining the caravan will be given a ticket at that time. If they miss the bus, they will have to wait until the next day to catch the next shuttle. The shuttle will only run once in the morning and return.



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